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Raiffeisen Austria

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The financial sector, and banks in particular, are facing big challenges. Traditional banking business decreases and many services become more digital. What does a bank branch of the future look like? One that merges a brand that is steeped in tradition with the requirements of the 21stcentury?

This was the question that Raiffeisenbank Niederösterreich asked us for its new headquarters. Our winning project unites the long history of Raiffeisen with specific requirements that modern banks need to meet today. It presents the diversity of modern banking in all its facets.

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The brand’s tradition and its strong roots in the country’s regions can be felt instantly in the chosen materials and its design vocabulary. Natural oak, open and bright rooms with quiet zones, a lot of green, earth, and the open

of a stylized roof truss refer to the long history and the origin of this gable-cross brand. In collaboration with the architects of Hoffelner Schmid.

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