How We Work

»As the world around us becomes more and more digitalized and global,

people seek for analogue experiences and their roots.«

Franz Riebenbauer



Studio Riebenbauer is a design studio based in Vienna. We create deep brand experiences by breaking genres and limits. We never walk the beaten paths – we create new ones. We strongly believe that this way of thinking creates memorable and unique brands.


»As one of the few One-stop-shops
in Europe we are able to express all aspects of a brand, from classic communication and design to branded spaces and branded architecture.«


The work of Studio Riebenbauer
has been awarded with over 100 national and international awards and was widely published on an international scale.



what we do
Brand Strategy, Branding,
Branded Spaces, Retail Design,
Branded Architecture,
Brand Culture + Innovation
Brand Experiences + Brand Senses,
Packaging, Advertising,
Editorial + Graphic Design
and Digital Solutions.