220GRAD Nonntal

After more than two years, one of our most important projects is complete. The 220Grad Nonntal is a café in an old electric motor workshop in Salzburg. A massive, sculptural, marble bar, dark Terrazzo floors, Gubi’s Beettle Chairs, shelves from Boffi and elegant brass details, stand in contrast with the industrial feeling and story of the space. This story is still recognizable – through the unplastered, raw walls. Metropolis Lamps from Pietro Russo light the space. The contrast between rawness and reduced, luxurious opulence creates an unique atmosphere.

Two gardens – a lighter front patio and a darker, sensorial indoor garden, that questions and reinvents the concept of a »Gastgarten« – bring forward every aspect of the 220Grad brand. The ceramic cups, designed in collaboration with Matthias Kaiser – glazed on one side, raw on the other – bring forward every flavour note present in the coffee. A project for every sense, a project of contrasts. Unique – like the 220Grad brand.


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