Artcurial x Studio Riebenbauer

Artcurial is the largest auction house in France. Founded in 2002, Artcurial has established itself as the world’s third largest auction house, alongside Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Studio Riebenbauer stages selected works from Artcurial’s inventory four times a year in exceptional settings. This gives the experiences of the visitors some depth. Three works in line with the theme »Art and Coal« were staged for the Premiere.

The main work is a piece by the Ghanaian conceptual artist Ibrahim Mahama. Visitors can access the work made of jute bags, which were used to transport coal, via the »black walk«:

instead of a red carpet, a path made up of heaped coal leads to the artwork. An experience that generates a different feeling for art. Not just visually.

The famous dollar sign by Andy Warhol and a nail image by Günther Uecker complete the setting.

Again, the focus is on creating a comprehensive concept. A piece of black coal wrapped in printed newspaper is sent out as an invitation. Coal cocktails are served at the event. An experience for all senses.



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