Fleischerei Buchberger

Our speciality: To know when to choose tradition or innovation. Ever since its establishment in 1946, the family-run butchery Buchberger is passionately dedicated to the butcher’s craft. Only cattle from small, regional farms in the Naturpark Pöllauer Tal and the surrounding areas are slaughtered.

For the Redesign the existing identity was update into a new and modern look, placing emphasis on the people and hand craft through a strong and original image language.
As an important part of the branding, texts and quotes from the master butcher himself, close farmers and even Wilhelm Busch, complement the brand’s story linguistically.


Sausage Vinyl-EP

In order to communicate the essence of Buchberger’s brand – the handling of high quality meats under ethical conditions – and to reach potential high level new clients in the food industry, we needed an unique approach to a direct mailing, outside of standard image brochures. „Wurst“ (Sausage) is an Ode to a butcher’s craft and the art of the sausage. At the beginning of every sausage there is life. And death. This gave birth to the idea of a musical five act play. The classical drama, as the most direct and genuine form of artistic expression, serves as a stage for the work. This was translated in the form of a Vynil Record, to be sent as direct mail.

By doing this Buchberger presents his work in an artistic way – like the adressees of this direct mail – Austria’s top chefs. The Vynil Record „Wurst“ (Sausage) was sent as a direct mailing to renowned top Chefs and Food Industry tastemakers.

Only original recordings of Buchberger’s farm, employees and butchers were used in each composition. The record was completed by an extensive booklet that matched photographs to each Act, as well as an interactive microsite, built specially for the record, in which one can can experience the work in digital form.





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