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What the fuck is Heimat?

For many years now, Vitra has been busy dealing with the constructed identity of companies. But how does Vitra gain access to the key decision-makers in digital companies like Google, Adobe, AirBnB and WeWork? Off the beaten track and away from familiar sales mechanisms?

Together with Vitra, we developed the concept »What the fuck is Heimat?« as a solution.

Heimat is a German word translating to »home« or »homeland«. Which isn’t the meaning of it. »Heimat« has no exact English equivalent. »Heimat« is no place –
»Heimat« is a feeling.

After an intense day at the workshop in San Francisco, the »Heimat« of Nicholas Ruiz of Adobe, Jonathan Chung of Google, Aaron Harvey of AirBnB and Lauryn Menard was developed on the basis of a very personal »Heimat« package and questionnaire.

The Heimat objectives were delivered at an end-of-year follow-up and the participants were photographed with their personal Heimat objectives by Ashley Batz.

What sounds abstract at first is actually an entirely new approach – to position Vitra as a strategic partner. A partner that facilitates innovation and development in a company through a constructed identity, perceptible with all the senses.

And to make potential clients see Vitra in a completely new light, that works intensely with its clients at brand and culture level.


Lauryn Menard

Lauryn Menard’s object is made from a strong material, a natural one – with a lot of character. This box is made from clay. Not fired. Raw. Earthy. Like the places she goes to when she needs to solve problems or disconnect.

Inside this box is something hidden that she finds in nature. Something she really likes. And as she is sometimes torn back and forth, there is a hammer. So she can either crack the box or not. It’s up to her to decide.



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