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CCA Jahrbuch


The CCA Annual 2014 gives us a look behind the projects featured in it and tells us how these ideas are originated. With this in mind, we developed it’s own augmented reality app where one could see videos of

the creatives behind the projects in order to better understand their approach and also their way of thinking as well as the chaotic path to an extraordinary idea.

Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_2 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_3 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_4 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_5 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_6 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_7 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_8 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_9 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_10 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_11 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_12 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_13 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_14 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_15 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_16 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_17 Riebenbauer Design_CCA_Jahrbuch_2014_18