Fabios Dream

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»One must not spare on dreams. Dreams are meant to be grandiose.« In the spirit of Franca Sozzani we designed a new cocktail bar for a famous restauranteur in Vienna, as part of an invitation-only pitch. The result is a bar inspired by Italian design tradition that subtly plays with a dream theme.

The centerpiece of the whole concept is a wall with ten Dream Bottles, designed in collaboration with Daniela Leitner and Robert Comploj.

Studio_Riebenbauer_Fabios_2 Studio_Riebenbauer_Fabios_3

The Dream Bottles

Ten Dream Bottles feature as the signature piece of the whole concept. With each bottle being an Art piece in itself, they play with concept and imagery of dreams and present it in unique bottle-like glass objects.

A butterfly breaking from its cocoon, a snake, a beetle or even a rabbit or a donkey. Classical dream imagery, reinterpreted and presented under a new light.