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Rauwolf roasting house + brewbar

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Leonhard Rauwolf was a famous botanist and explorer in the 16th century and the first European to taste and scientifically describe coffee. One can even say, Leonhard Rauwolf was the first Barista in Europe. Based on this we developed the brand Rauwolf for which we designed

a comprehensive branding and interior design, that would evoke Rauwolf’s feeling of discovery. With illustrations of ficticious plants, botanical models and glass vitrines. Welcome to the World of Rauwolf — Rösthaus + Brewbar.

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Mundatia Herbarius

Leonard Rauwolf was the first European to taste coffee and scientifically describe it’s effects. Based on the taste profiles of each Blend and Single Region coffees, we have developed modern botanical illustrations of fictitious

plants. The center of the new branding is a series illustrations of fictitious plants that translate the taste profiles — e.g. chocolate with almond notes and citrus flavours — that constitute the coffee sorts of Rauwolf.

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Smell the coffee

A Brand is only successful when a good concept is meticulously designed down to the last detail. Therefore, we were careful with every detail, from the background music and smell, to the items on the menu, to make sure everything fit with the brand. This botanical world was

also translated in a consistent way to the ambient design. From glass vitrines, botanical models and illustrations to self-designed chairs and furniture, and lamps everything was planned by us using the same color scheme as the coffee sorts.

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