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Raven and Finch

Branding | Branding Strategy

Raven and Finch is a Sound branding studio. In the center of the new branding from Raven and Finch is a series of six symbols. These symbols represent the structure that lies behind every Sound identity made by Raven and Finch, and each one of them has it’s own, characteristic sound.

The unison playing of these sounds becomes then the unique Sound logo for Raven and Finch. So, Raven and Finch is a brand that uses sound as it’s main strength. Welcome to the world of Raven and Finch.

Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_1 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_2 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_3 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_4 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_5 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_6 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_7 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_8 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_9 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_10 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_11 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_12 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_13 Riebenbauer Design_Raven-and-Finch-Branding_14